Technical characteristics of China’s electric bicycle industry

ebike industry

(1)  The structural design tends to be reasonable. The industry has adopted and improved the front and rear shock absorption systems. The braking system has developed from holding brakes and drum brakes to disc brakes and follow-up brakes, making riding safer and more comfortable; electric bicycle hubs have evolved from spokes to aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys. , High strength, corrosion resistance and light weight.

(2) The bicycle models develop rapidly and the varieties are abundant. Each production enterprise has its own unique product structure, such as pedal type, power-assisted and electric hybrid type, central axis drive type and other products, and are developing towards diversification and individualization.

(3) The technical performance of core components continues to improve. The motor has gone through technical stages such as brush and tooth, brushless and toothless, which greatly improves the performance of the motor and improves the conversion efficiency; in the controller, the control mode has changed, and the sine wave control mode technology is widely used, with low noise and high Advantages such as torque and high efficiency; in terms of batteries, the development of power management technology and technological breakthroughs in gel batteries have increased the capacity and cycle life of the battery. The improvement of the technical performance of the core components of electric bicycles provides support for the wide application of the electric bicycle industry.

(4) The use function tends to be perfect. Electric bicycle users can autonomously switch among various driving modes such as climbing, long battery life, and high efficiency; electric bicycles can use the cruise control function; when parking, they can reverse; when the tire is damaged or the battery is low, the cart can be assisted; In terms of display functions, electric bicycles use liquid crystal meters to indicate the speed and remaining battery power, with high display accuracy; connected to the controller, it can display the running status of the vehicle and the failure of the entire vehicle.

Post time: Sep-26-2021