Eecycle Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated high-tech enterprise which includes design, production, sales and service of bicycle & electric bicycle. Our factory is located in Dongli district of Tianjin, beside Tianjin Binhai international airport, and only 30km away from Tianjin station and Tianjin port, can help you save some domestic freight.

We have 12 domestic and international patented technologies about bicycle & electric bicycle (including appearance patent, utility model patent and invention patent etc

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  • Does the weight if your ebike matter?

    Does the weight if your ebike matter?


    You have to think about how you’re going to use your ebike to answer that question. If you need to carry your ebike with you into your office or on public transportation weight matters. No one wants to carry a 65 lb bike around. If you need to commute a long distance weight may not matter so muc...

  • How Much Does A Good EBike Weigh?

    How Much Does A Good EBike Weigh?


    How much does a good ebike weigh? One of the most common things to talk about when looking at bikes is how much do they weigh? This holds true for ebikes and regular bikes. The quick answer is that the average ebike weighs between 50 and 60 lbs. There are ebikes weighing as little as 26 lbs and a...

  • Electric motor basics

    Electric motor basics


    Let’s look at a few electric motor basics. How do Volts, Amps and Watts of an electric bicycle relate to the motor. Motor k-value All electric motors have something called a “Kv value” or motor velocity constant. It is labeled in the units RPM/volts. A motor with a Kv of 100 RPM/volt will spin a...

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