Eecycle Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated high-tech enterprise which includes design, production, sales and service of bicycle & electric bicycle. Our factory is located in Dongli district of Tianjin, beside Tianjin Binhai international airport, and only 30km away from Tianjin station and Tianjin port, can help you save some domestic freight.

We have 12 domestic and international patented technologies about bicycle & electric bicycle (including appearance patent, utility model patent and invention patent etc

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  • Bicycle lighting tips

    Bicycle lighting tips


    -Check in time (now) whether your light still works. -Remove batteries from the lamp when they run out, otherwise they will destroy your lamp. -Make sure you adjust your lamp properly. It’s very annoying when your oncoming traffic shines right in their face. -Buy a headlight that can be op...

  • E-bike or non e-bike, that is the question

    E-bike or non e-bike, that is the question


    If you can believe the trend watchers, we will all soon be riding an e-bike. But is an e-bike always the right solution, or do you opt for a gular bicycle? The arguments for doubters in a row. 1.Your condition You have to work to improve your fitness. So a regular bicycle is always better for yo...

  • Technical characteristics of China’s electric bicycle industry

    Technical characteristics of China’s electric bicycle industry


    (1)  The structural design tends to be reasonable. The industry has adopted and improved the front and rear shock absorption systems. The braking system has developed from holding brakes and drum brakes to disc brakes and follow-up brakes, making riding safer and more comfortable; electric bicyc...

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