How Much Does A Good EBike Weigh?

How much does a good ebike weigh? One of the most common things to talk about when looking at bikes is how much do they weigh? This holds true for ebikes and regular bikes. The quick answer is that the average ebike weighs between 50 and 60 lbs. There are ebikes weighing as little as 26 lbs and as much as 80 lbs.

ebike weight

Ebike Weight – what makes them heavy

Bike weight

The average ebike is based on a pedal bike. Most of them are based on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes or cruiser bikes. A good hard tail mountain bike weighs 28 to 31 lbs. A lower end one may weigh up to 35 lbs. A carbon frame may weigh a few pounds less. A hybrid bike or cruise bike will weigh about the same as a hardtail mountain bike. A true road bike with skinny wheels and tires will weigh a few pounds less.

Ebike parts weight

The average ebike starts out life as a regular bike that weighed around 30 lbs. Most are based around $300 to $400 level conventional bikes. They aren’t based on $2000 to $3000 level bikes.

The rest of the ebike weight comes from the drive motor, batteries and controller. The average ebike has a motor between 500 and 750 watts and a 48 volt battery that is 15 to 20 amp hour. It’s probably using a rear hub motor. Let’s look at the average weights of these parts.


The average ebike controller weighs about 1 pound


The average ebike motor weighs around 10 lbs. A hub motor built into a wheel will weigh more because of the wheel, tire, and freewheel/freehub. The motor portion itself weighs around 10 lbs give or take a pound or 2.


This is where we get into the other big chunk of weight. Ebike batteries weigh from 10 to 20 lbs. A 48volt 15 amp hour lithium battery weighs about 10 lbs. A battery’s weight is proportional to its voltage and capacity. A higher voltage, higher capacity battery will weigh more.

Displays, wiring, etc..

The miscelaneous bits of your ebike will add another couple of pounds. This includes the wiring, display on your handlebar, pedal sensor and brake switches.

Total of ebike parts

If you take 10 lbs for the motor, 10 lbs for the battery and 5 pounds for miscellaneous parts it brings us to 25 lbs for the ebike conversion parts weight.

Total ebike weight

When we take our 30 lbs bike and add 25 lbs of ebike parts to it we end up with a 55 lb ebike. This brings us right in line with the average commuter/mountain ebike being sold today.


Post time: Jan-14-2022