Difference between torque sensor and speed sensor

folding ebike


Our folding ebike uses two kinds of sensor, sometimes clients are not familar with what are torque sensor and speed sensor. Below are the difference:

The torque sensor detects the power assist, which is the most advanced technology at present. It does not step on the foot, the motor does not assist, the light stepped on the power is small, the heavy power is large, it seems that the electric vehicle can understand the rider’s intention, and the power is fast, stable, and linear. . It is safe, comfortable and long-lived, and the riding experience is excellent, but the price is more expensive than ordinary; the speed sensor suddenly rushes forward, giving people a feeling of rushing and rushing, there is no linearity…the riding experience is poor, but it is cheap;

Speed sensor, the faster the speed, the faster the booster. If there is no speed on the uphill, there will be no booster. You still have to push. It is suitable for use in plains and areas with low slopes; another torque sensor, as long as you have a strong pedal, regardless of whether the car has Without speed, you will be able to assist. Even on steep slopes, you can start easily without letting the bike ride you. The amount of assist is also controlled by the strength of your pedaling. If you want to boost the power a little, you can push hard, but not a small one. Push hard

Post time: Oct-28-2021